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High temperature mold release coatings and lubes for rubber products and  
We specialize in numerous different coatings.kuvarsit watch
Various adhesives that can bond any two substrates. best replica watches
We carry a 2k (2 part) primer and 2k (2 part) top coat system for aftermarket powered toys  
Our sealers range from being resistant to water, air flow, weather, yellowing from sunlight, cloudiness, and efflorescence.
Coatings that make nonconductive substrates conductive, e.g., plastic, wood, glass, etc.
Our primers improve surface tension for better bonding.
We have specialty coatings already in place, but we also have the ability to develop any kind of coating that is made specifically to meet your requirements.
We carry a line of biodegradable cleaners for concrete, plastic, and metal.
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