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We supply adhesives and coatings for a variety of uses in the construction industry.


  • 234G     Solvent based polypropylene primer.
  • A350     Solvent based polypropylene primer.
  • 1699CS High Temperature water based mold  release, for EPDM, Nitrile, Butyl, Neoprene, and Natural Rubber, don't leave residue behind for great post-mold adhesion.
  • 3687  Water based adhesive for bonding vinyl or primed polyolefin skins to ABS or polypropylene.
  • 4055  Solvent based lube and mold release cleaner, works best with CTI 45-9.
  • 4347  Solvent based clearcoat, the gloss varies to customer specifications. 
  • 4470  High solids polymer water based adhesive that is solvent free (No VOC). 
  • 4470B High solids polymer water based adhesive
  • 4491    Water based ceramic coating for extreme hot and cold conditions for steel & metal.
  • 4496   Water based intumescent (flame retardant) coating.
  • 45-9    Solvent based mold release for Urethanes.
  • CS5000  Transparent water repellent clear acrylic coating for use on concrete and brick.
  • CS5001  An efflorescence remover Paver Sealer to penetrate and protect.
  • 4386 Water based, conductive coating. Technical Data Sheet
  • 1693 Solvent based, conductive coating. Technical Data Sheet
  • Gutter Clean Environmentally friendly. This product removes tiger strips (dirt, water residue, and algae growth) and removes oil and asphalts deposits from shingles,  also works well  on vinyl decks, and siding on your home.
  • Floor Clean Environmentally friendly. Works well with any floor, even wood, leaving you with a film free surface. No rinse necessary.
  • All Purpose Cleaner Environmentally friendly household degreaser and stain remover.
  • Screen Clean Cleans all plastic and glass screens, while leaving no streaks.


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