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Chemical Technology Inc. designs and manufacters a variety of boat products: a spider and insect repellent coating, an aluminum replacement coating, a vinyl to wood adhesive, and many more.


  • 234G    Solvent based polypropylene primer.
  • A350     Solvent based polypropylene primer.
  • 2014B  Water based adhesive, bonding hardboard, cardboard, carpet & urathane foam.
  • 4470     High solids polymer water based adhesive that is,enviromentally friendly.
  • 4470B  High solids polymer water based adhesive RC Boats
  • 4386 Water based, conductive coating. Technical Data Sheet
  • 1693 Solvent based, conductive coating. Technical Data Sheet
  • Boat Clean Environmentally friendly. This product removes tiger strips (dirt, water residue, and algae growth) leaving you with new looking boat hull. 
  • Engine Clean Enviromently friendly, engine cleaner that will brake down any types of engine gunk, leaving your engine sparkling.
  • Screen Clean Cleans all plastic and glass screens, while leaving no streaks.



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