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 We have a large product line in place and are experts at creating new applications specifically for Auto Manufacturers and  Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers.


  • 234G  Solvent based polypropylene primer.
  • A350  Solvent based polypropylene primer.
  • 1380  Water based quick setting adhesive designed for automative trim.
  • 1699CS High Temperature water based mold  release, for EPDM, Nitrile, Butyl, Neoprene, and Natural Rubber, don't leave residue behind for great post-mold adhesion.
  • 1926C  Premium quality water base adhesive that exhibits heat resistance.
  • 2014B  Water based adhesive designed for automotive trim components.
  • 3079H  Water based adhesive for bonding automotive trim components.
  • 3687  Water based adhesive for bonding vinyl or primed polyolefin skins to ABS or polypropylene.
  • 4055  Solvent based lube and mold release cleaner, works best with CTI 45-9.
  • 4209B    High Temperature water based contact adhesive.
  • 45-9      Solvent based mold release for Urethanes.
  • NP4100  32% VOC's high solids universal clearcoat.
  • NP4400  A quality two-component urethane primer surfacer.
  • NP4090  Fast Activator to mix 1:4 with NP4400 or NP4100.
  • NP4080  Medium Activator  to mix 1:4 with NP4400 or NP4100.
  • NP4070  Slow Activator Paint to mix 1:4 with NP4400 or NP4100.
  • Wheel Clean Environmentally friendly. Removes dirt and brake dust from everyday wear and tear. Will NOT corrode the aluminum.
  • Screen Clean Cleans all plastic and glass screens, while leaving no streaks.
  • Engine Clean Enviromently friendly, engine cleaner that will brake down any types of engine gunk, leaving your engine sparkling.
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