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High tempurature, water based mold release for EPDM, nitrile, butyl, neoprene, and natural rubber. It leaves no residue behind for great after mold...
A transparent, water repellant, clear acrylic coating specifically formulated for use on concrete and brick. It retards spalling, cracking, crazing,...
A premium high residual tack, for excellect edge folding,  water based vaccum forming solvent free adhesive for bonding vinyl or primed polyolefin...
Our Water Based Acylic Coatings can be used, indoor/outdoor, for water and weather sealing capibilities on wood, concrete, pavers, brick, stone. Even add...
Chemical Technology, Inc
tag-heuer-replica      Chemical Technology Inc. (CTI) is your source for the highest quality water base, solvent base, and specialty adhesives.  As well as lubes, replica watches conductive coatings, specialty coatings, cleaners, and mold releases. We pride ourselves in offering quality chemical products to fit any capacity, providing small and large businesses alike. 

     CTI was founded in 1985. We are strategically located in the city of Warren MI. We have a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility with 10,000 gallon mixing capacity and 25,000 gallons of bulk storage. We are an Industrial Chemical Developer and Supplier.

     We specialize in formulating custom application for various  Our products are applied in vaUlysse Nardin Replicarious manufacturing processes.  All CTI products are designed and developed in-house. We have a well established product line, but can also design products for your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.

Chemical Technology Inc.
ISO 9001:2008 Registered
26067 Groesbeck Hwy
Warren, MI 48089

Phone: (586) 533-2477
Fax: (586) 533-2977    

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Chemical Technology Inc
26067 Groesbeck Hwy
Warren, MI 48089
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